A brand-new Glow Stick
for iPhone!


BITNA(빛나, pronounced as [bi:na:]) means
“Be shine” and “It’s shining!” in Korean language.




BITNA features :

  • Adjust tempo by tapping center. An ad-hoc visual metronome.
  • Changes glow pattern by swipe.
  • There are Slave, Init, Host, and PARTY! modes, and could be changed by slide up/down.
  • In Init mode, you could receive some signal from iPhone in Host/PARTY! modes. And then you can slide down to choose a your host. If you choose a host, your iPhone will be in Slave mode.
  • In Host/PARTY! modes, your iPhone will signal for its slaves, and you can set your glow setting. But slaves that chose your iPhone as host don’t display anything if your iPhone is in Host mode. As switching to PARTY! mode, slaves will start to display host’s glow setting.
  • Lock your screen by dragging clockwise, and counterclockwise to unlock.
  • In Host/PARTY! modes, touches screen downward with two fingers to identify slave’s order.


To use PARTY! mode, wifi connection requires. And PARTY! mode will be act properly when iPhones are connected to SAME wireless access point.


Version History :

  • 20110630 1.0
    Compatible with iOS4.
    Fix crash problem when select ‘cancel’ in color selection dialog.
  • 20100429 0.08
    A ton of bugs is fixed.
    Provides simple tutorial.
    Patterns are slightly changed.
  • 20100311 0.01
    First release.
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